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Q:  How do you price your various services?

Each web site we develop, optimize for marketing and maintain is a unique, customized product and is competing for customers in unique industries.  Therefore, we don't have a standard pricing sheet.  Our pricing is based primarily on the functionality (database, shopping cart, forms, chat rooms, etc.)  incorporated into the web site, the customized graphics, and the level of ongoing maintenance the client desires.  We often enter into performance based or revenue share agreements with clients that greatly reduce the design or redesign costs. 
VisionMasters earns a monthly fee based on the number of visitors or sales generated on the web site.  The % earned or amount per visitor depends on the industry and target audience.  Many services we offer can be priced on a project basis or a performance basis depending on what best fits the client's needs.  For example, strategic links, keyword purchasing, banner ads, viral marketing, newsletter advertising, newsletter set-up, etc.  We can develop a marketing strategy for all size budgets that will deliver effective online results.    

Q:   Do you guarantee search engine ranking?

A: No, and the truth is that no one can make this guarantee. We guarantee that we will dramatically increase the traffic to your web site.  We can prove it too!  There are several ways to drive traffic to your web site independent of search engines.  Search engine ranking  is a by-product of all the work we do for our clients.  And many of our clients are ranked in the top 20 listings of major search engines under  a great many keywords.  

Q: How do you measure your success?

A:  Talk is cheap. You want proof that VisionMasters Technologies can increase traffic to your web site.  Our success is measured by the traffic statistics (hits, page impressions and unique visitors) for your web site.  We require our clients to use the latest version of WebTrends (tracking software) which is supported on the web server of your web hosting company. This software reveals a wealth of information about the activity on your web site.  Information like where visitors are coming from, what keywords they are using to find your web site, what pages of your website are the most popular, etc. is readily available.  These statistics are the most objective measure we are aware of and prove what we say we can do. 

Q: How successful are banner ads?

A: Banner ads are very popular.  Many companies spend a significant amount of money on banner ads.  Opinions vary widely on their success.  The recent statistics we've seen on banner ads indicate that generally the "click thru" rate is between 0.5 - 1.5%.  The most successful banner ads have a "click thru" rate of 3 - 4%.  We are proponents of banner ads, but we recommend only placing strategic banner ads on certain websites (such as industry portals, distributor's websites, or complementary businesses).  We don't recommend some highly advertised banner ad programs that claim your ad will be placed on 500 websites because these ads are not placed strategically. 

Q: What web design tools don't work with indexing search engines (and why)?

A: Macromedia Flash & Shockwave.  These are very popular design tools used today to produce "high end", "bells and whistles", "graphically pleasing" web sites.   Many web developers don't understand that indexing search engines don't read Flash & Shockwave.  Indexing search engines use "crawlers" or "robots" to record your web site in their databases.  These crawlers read the code in your web site.  Flash and Shockwave are used to produce spectacular graphics.  However, these graphics require significant load time.  Load time is a key component for the algorithms of these indexing search engines. The search engines have changed their algorithms to "ignore" websites that use Flash and Shockwave.  These web sites won't get recorded into the databases of these indexing search engines. 

Q: Can't I just resubmit my web site every month to ensure good search engine rankings?

A: The short answer to search engine resubmitting is NO. Resubmitting over and over does not help and if it is "required" it is a symptom of a much deeper problem with your web site. The search engines are designed to index web sites and then keep them in their index. It can take 4-6 months to truly move up the search engine rankings. The only way you need to resubmit every month is if you are getting kicked out of the search engines. If you are getting kicked out of the search engines resubmitting the same exact web site won't help because you will get kicked out again and again. Additionally, if you are getting kicked out of the search engines it is because there is a fundamental problem with the design of your web site. This needs to be fixed and optimized to ensure high rankings in the search engines and then "properly" hand submitted once.  Learn more about search engine optimization by clicking here.

Honestly, search engine resubmission programs are a SCAM that are wide spread and completely not understood. Stay far away from them and if someone tries to sell you search engine resubmission services ask them the questions above. 

i.e. Why do we have to keep resubmitting? Why am I not staying in the search engines? Why are my search engine rankings not improving over time? Can you give me examples of clients that have been "significantly" successful doing this? Can my URL get barred from search engines for doing this? (see below)

One other big thing to note: Repeatedly resubmitting to the search engines can get your URL barred from many of the search engines as they are increasingly getting tired of their bandwidth and time being eaten up by frivolous resubmissions. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRACTICE.

Q: Can you design a dynamic web site?

A: Yes, we can. However, dynamic web sites are not indexed by search engines and take time to download as well as require special software to enable you to view it on your computer. Dynamic web sites are interesting and entertaining the first time around, but they don't sell your products or services.

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