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What our Clients are Saying about us!

Over the past five years, we've helped over 100 clients (and counting!) of all sizes and in all industries transition their businesses onto the Internet.  We've discovered that our clients are our best spokespersons.  We strive to build long-lasting relationships with all our clients and provide on-going support long after the initial project is completed.  Take a look below at what a few of our clients have said about VisionMasters.

The latest in designer maternity clothing and pregnancy/baby information. We also carry prenatal skin care products, evening wear, swimwear, lingerie and nursing products. Petite and plus sizes available."

Julia Blumin


Ph: 216-464-9020



We founded our company with the objective of offering expecting mothers the most elegant and fashionable maternity clothing available.  In a marketing campaign, we wanted to have national and even international exposure of our products.  After a thorough evaluation and taking into account our budgetary considerations, we decided that the greatest bang-for-the-buck was to market our products through the Internet.  Luckily, we found VisionMasters, an Internet marketing and web development firm.  VisionMasters staff took the time to educate us on the vast differences between Internet and traditional marketing methodologies.  They opened our eyes! 


Now that our site www.Maternity-Clothing-Fashions.com is up and operational, we can definitively say that VisionMasters KNOWS Internet marketing.  Within four days of the launch, we began receiving online orders.  Within a couple of weeks we were well on our way to recouping our investment into the web site. 


Based on our latest web site traffic statistics, we determined that the same traffic to our store would equate to more than one customer per minute every working hour of every working day.  Since we are still new and the marketing campaigns designed and implemented by VisionMasters are just getting started, we expect these numbers to continue to increase dramatically.  I suspect that those dot-coms that are currently experiencing financial difficulties never used the services of VisionMasters Web Site Design.


Thank you, VisionMasters! Unlike many firms out there, you deliver what you promise!  You are OUTSTANDING!

Annie Dubois, President
10515 SWFRWY, Suite# E4
Houston, TX 77074 
Ph: 713-995-5502

Few new e-commerce companies can boast about having over 28,000 weekly hits and 5,000 to 7,000 unique or repeat monthly visitors as well as top ten or better placement on most of the major search engines within two months of their appearance on the Internet.  However, www.TexMexToGo.com can!   And to think that all this traffic is exclusively generated through online marketing for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing campaign.  Your professionalism, timely delivery, instant response, innovative concepts and dedication to your client make you a "stand-out" company.  You are my "one-stop shop" for my e-commerce business needs.  Without hesitation, you are my first and only recommendation for web site design needs. 


Marjorie Green & Mischa Dick
Six Sigma Systems, Inc.


After looking at other web design and Internet marketing companies to help us create a better web site for our company we selected VisionMasters Web Site Design. We selected them because they knew how to do much more than animate characters on a web site. We have found the VisionMasters people to be the best in the business. You have gotten us very high in the search engines and have been stellar in customer service. You have exceeded our expectations! Thanks!



Cary W. Adams

[email protected]

Ph: 1-979-297-5198

fax  1-979-297-4408


When you hire a professional it is our belief that you should follow their recommendations.  This has been proven with our web site. http://www.adamssixsigma.com

VisionMasters Web Site Design was contacted based on a recommendation from another client of theirs.  Our request was quite simple; all we wanted was to be first on every search engine when someone entered the phrase "six sigma".  VisionMasters helped us understand that other phrases could help improve the chances that people would come to our site. Total quality management, tqm, statistical process control, spc, strategic planning, goal setting, team building, employee motivation, management training and management consulting were added to our list of key phrases.  Sets of key phrases were put on different pages so they would not compete with each other.

Selecting the title of the web site turned out to be one of the most important recommendations that we accepted. http://www.adamssixsigma.com has our key phrase in the title, a key ranking element. 

Ranking on search engines vary almost daily, however on the 5 search engines that give us 80% of our search engine traffic we typically have three #1 listings, a #2 listing and a #3 listing.  These are Yahoo, Alta Vista, Google, MSN and Excite.  After a little over a year if you search for "six sigma" our site is in the top 5 on at least 10 search engines and in the top 10 on at least 10 more search engines. (We only monitor the top 20 traffic generators).  Many of our other phases also rank very high on search engines.

VisionMasters will tell you that design of your web site is only 25% of the traffic generation to your site and other activities are vitally important.  We do all of them at some level.  When you hire a professional you should take their advice!!  Allowing VisionMasters the freedom to design our web site was absolutely the right thing to do. 


Arvin Holland, President
4418 Illinois Dickinson, TX 77539
Ph: 800.313.6506

"Texas Air Services, Inc. has grown to be the largest DeHavilland Twin Otter aircraft support business in the world.  Thanks to your web page design, www.TexasAirServices.com, we are identified as the world's premier supplier of our services.  We now have domestic and international clients that are directly attributed to your web page.  Prior to your web site design, we did not even know or have access to the names of many of our newest international clients."


Adorable Baby Gifts Logo



John M. Butera
[email protected]
Ph: 713-666-0844

"VisionMasters Web Site Design are webmasters, and I emphasize the word 'Master', but they are also a firm that knows and understands business. This is what you need if you are going to entrust your financial livelihood to someone for the purpose of creating a business for you on the Internet.

To sum it up, VisionMasters is the web expert firm. They excel in developing and maintaining web sites that consistently rank very high in the search engines and directories. After your web site is complete, they will be your advisor regarding all you need to work on to further push your website towards the top of the pack."

(Click here for the full testimonial from Adorable Baby Gifts.)


William Self, President
3707 Westheimer Road, Suite 125
Houston, TX 77042
Ph:  713.266.5305
www.PestKing.com and  www.KillFireants.com

"The web site you designed for us, www.PestKing.com, has been up since November 1999.  During that time our hits (for our exterminating business) went from 0 to over 4,000 per day.  The website worked so well that we contracted VisionMasters Technologies to design a second site to sell pest control chemicals over the net, www.KillFireants.com.  That website paid for itself during the first thirty (30) days, and the search engine registration had not even taken effect at the time!!!  Thank you, VisionMasters. You have ALL of my web design business."


Holsey Custom Clothing

Micheal L. Holsey, President
2613 Richmond Avenue 
Houston, TX 77098 
Ph:  713.524.3303

"Thank you for the great job you did in redoing my website.  I had the original site for two years and got only 700 hits. Since you redesigned it we are getting over 1,000 hits per week.  We are also high up in the search engines thanks to your work.   You are doing a great job for Holsey Custom Clothes."


We also had an article published in the Houston Business Journal  about Jay Mock, our Internet Marketing Director.  The author describes his own experience in conducting his own search for a web developer.  See the entire story by clicking the link below:  

Web Master is Helmsman to Site Success on Internet

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New! Strivectin SD Stretch Mark Creams.

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