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 >VMWCB4WBINNVP:	4Ft. Bench with Back,  Portable  >VMWCB4WBINNVP: 4Ft. Bench with Back, Portable
The Innovated Style features smaller hole size creating a smoother surface. The small hole 11 gauge punched steel holes are equal to or will exceed the load bearing capacities of 3/4" #9 gauge expanded metal. The best choice for corrosive-free, ma ...MORE
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 Accessible Bench Model B110C  Accessible Bench Model B110C
• This new Accessible Bench incorporates the ABA and ADA suggested design guidelines for accessible seating (see footnote below). The full-length grab bar across the back of the bench enhances access and transfer to or from this bench. • All wel ...MORE
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 Accessible Park Bench Model B110C  Accessible Park Bench Model B110C
• This new Accessible Park Bench incorporates the ABA and ADA suggested design guidelines for accessible seating (see footnote below). The full-length grab bar across the back of the bench enhances access and transfer to or from this bench. ...MORE
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 Amherst Metal Park Bench Models B102 and B100  Amherst Metal Park Bench Models B102 and B100
• All steel metal fabrication. 3/16" thick (7 ga.) steel seat and back sections. 2" sq. x 10 ga. wall steel tube frame structures. • Metal park benches are rugged, durable, heavy, vandal resistant. • 6 ft. long. Two styles: Model B102 contour ...MORE
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 Athletic Sports Benches  Athletic Sports Benches
A durable sport bench for schools, ball fields, pools, athletic facilities of all kinds. • Model AB Bench is flat (no backrest). • All benches have a welded frame construction: 3/16" seat angle; frame posts and portable foot are fabricated fro ...MORE
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 Backless Bench BB45  Backless Bench BB45
A worthy addition to your yard or landscaped setting. Great for peripheral seating around the deck or as a subtle focal point in your garden area. Also available in a 6 foot width. Backless Garden Bench Features Include: Clear Western Red Cedar ...MORE
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 Bench Options & Accessories  Bench Options & Accessories
VMWCSMLCOVER: Large Surface Mt. Cover for 2 7/8" Tubing, Made of Aluminum with a Powder Coat Finish (set of 2) 2 lbs VMWCSMSCOVER: Small Surface Mt. Cover for 2 3/8" Tubing, Made of Aluminum with a Powder Coat Finish (set of 2) 2 lbs VMWCARM: ...MORE
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 Bench Signage  Bench Signage
Bench Signage • Personalize and identify for ownership.: Prevent theft.: • Recognize donations and memorials.: • Promote service organizations or a local project.: • Engraved lettering is available on benches with lumber or recycled plastic pl ...MORE
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 Cardinal Park Bench Model CB  Cardinal Park Bench Model CB
• Model CB Park Bench is designed to be both rugged and attractive. • Arm Rests enhance accessibility. • Single piece all welded steel frame fabrication: 1-7/8” steel pipe post with 1/8” (11 ga.) thick steel die-formed channel seat bracket and ...MORE
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 Channel Outdoor Park Bench CXB Series  Channel Outdoor Park Bench CXB Series
• Model CXB Park Bench is an extra heavy bench designed to be stronger and more stable with a simple, clean design. • All welded steel frame construction: seat/back support channel is die-formed from 1/8" thick (11 ga.) steel; frame posts and po ...MORE
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 Contour Park Benches WRB Series  Contour Park Benches WRB Series
Contour Park Benches are available in two different frame styles: • Model WRB steel Park Bench uses multiple leg posts for traditional styling. This design offers either portable/surface mount (Model PWRB) or stationary/embedded (Model SWRB) frame ...MORE
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 Double Pedistal Backless Bench Model APB  Double Pedistal Backless Bench Model APB
• Model APB Double Pedestal Backless Bench provides a secure, permanent location. Bench can be 6 or 8 ft. long. This versatile bench can fit in parks, streetscapes, amphitheaters and athletic fields. • Two heavy pedestal posts of 3" x 6" x 1/8" ...MORE
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 Garden Bench   GB48U  Garden Bench GB48U
Always a pleasure to come across a garden bench like this. Its gently curved seat and eased back offers years of sitting enjoyment. Features Include: Clear Western Red Cedar Finely sanded finish Fully routed edges Dowel and connector ...MORE
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 Gibraltar Cast Iron Garden Bench Model GB  Gibraltar Cast Iron Garden Bench Model GB
• Model GB outdoor cast iron garden bench uses ornate, cast iron frames made from recycled iron. • Portable design. Frame feet include anchor holes for fixed positioning. (Anchors not included.) • Garden bench frames are primed and finished wi ...MORE
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 Gillette Cast Iron Bench Series B80 and B82  Gillette Cast Iron Bench Series B80 and B82
The Gillette Series cast iron plark and Streetscape Benches has a lot to offer: it’s attractive, traditional, comfortable, adaptable, durable and affordable. Features Include: • Commercial park bench furniture is made from heavy duty cast iron e ...MORE
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 Grey Creek Commercial Outdoor Park Bench  Grey Creek Commercial Outdoor Park Bench
• These streetscape wooden, iron, metal, steel or plastic park bench furniture provide rugged welded steel component frame structures, offering a wide-surface armrest made with flat steel plate. • Park benches can be surface mounted or embedded i ...MORE
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 Metal Redwood Park Bench Model CLB  Metal Redwood Park Bench Model CLB
• Model CLB outood commercial recycled & metal Park Bench incorporates one-piece welded end frames; die formed from structural channel, strong, light weight design. Diagonal braces provide support and stability. • Portable design. Frame feet inclu ...MORE
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 Oak Knoll Iron Park Bench Series B90 and B92  Oak Knoll Iron Park Bench Series B90 and B92
Oak Knoll Series Iron Park and Streetscape Bench offers the “traditional” park bench look with cast iron end frames. But we’ve updated it with modern materials and finishes. Features Include: • Heavy cast iron end frames in a traditional design, ...MORE
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 Park Avenue Bench BC Models  Park Avenue Bench BC Models
• Park Avenue Bench offers comfortable, classic styling using low maintenance components. • 2 seating styles: flat (Model BC3001) or with backrest (Model BC4001) in 4, 5, 6 or 8 ft. lengths (8 ft. benches use 3 frames). • Cast aluminum frames. ...MORE
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 Picnic Bench RB30U  Picnic Bench RB30U
An ideal free-standing bench. Great for picnic tables or as added seating for around the deck or porch. Picnic Bench Features Include: Clear Western Red Cedar Finely sanded finish Fully routed edges Zinc plated hardware Benefits ...MORE
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Articles meeting search criteria

Arm Rests
ARM RESTS   • Available for Channel Bench, Contour Bench, and WB Series Trailside Bench and Oak Knoll B92 Bench.• Increases accessibility for elderly or disabled persons.• Use to reconfigure seating design or to deter misuse of bench.• Armrest frame formed from 3/16" x 2" steel, with hot ...MORE

ATV 4 Wheeler Utility Ramps
ATV ramps & accessories can help you get where you want to go and do what you want to do.  If you like to drive your ATV somewhere besides your back yard, you're going to need some way to transport it there.  While driving the 4 wheelers on the roads isn't generally going to...MORE

Axial Fans
Visionmasters axial fans are high capacity belt driven propeller fans rated from 8000 to 23000 cfm. The different types of axial fans vary according to where they are placed and how they are mounted. The different types of axial fans include self-supporting fans, wall and panel mounted fans, and ...MORE

Bench Signage
• Personalize and identify for ownership.Prevent theft.• Recognize donations and memorials.• Promote service organizations or a local project.• Engraved lettering is available onbenches with lumber or recycled plasticplanks or timbers. Letters can be left plain (unfilled) or filled with a colorful r...MORE

Bicycle Parking Racks
 Bike storage parking racks can be used for commercial and residential purposes.  There are metal and concrete styles of the racks, and some of them are made with recycled materials.  Bike racks come in multiple sizes, sized to hold different numbers of bicycles.  They al...MORE

Bike Storage Racks
With the increase in cycling, many schools, shopping centers, public facilities, and companies have realized just how important it is to set aside a special area for bike racks.  Because bicycles are easily stolen, cyclists must secure their bikes to an immobile anchor point in order to keep...MORE

Car Stops
 Speed bumps, as the name would indicate, are used for stopping cars.  You may find them in a parking lot or parking garage.  They are a physical barrier to moving forward with the car.  They can help indicate to a driver that he has pulled forward far enough and can park ther...MORE

Channel Park Bench
• Model CXB Park Bench is an extra heavy bench designed to be stronger and more stable with a simple, clean design.• All welded frame construction: seat/back support channel is die-formed from 1/8" thick (11 ga.) steel; frame posts and portable foot are fabricated from 2 3/8" OD steel pipe.• Hot d...MORE

Commercial Ladders
There are many places that have a use for commercial ladders.  They come in different styles and heights and are used for different things in different places.  Some stores may need a commercial ladder, and they are often used in warehouses as well.  They can make it easier for sto...MORE

Commercial Outdoor Furniture
 Commercial outdoor furniture is commonly located outside of retail establishments.  Typical residential outdoor furniture is made of materials that are not as hardy, and will not hold up to heavy use over multiple years.  An outdoor chair for use at a home, for instance, is intend...MORE

Commercial Outdoor Park Benches
One of the first tips to buying  outdoor commercial park bench furniture is to made sure picnic tables, park benches, industrial BBQ pits, campfire fire rings, trash or garbage can receptacles are made in the USA. Most leading suppliers of quality commercial grade park benches offer multiple...MORE

Commercial Outdoor Park Grills
It may be argued that commercial outdoor grills & BBQ pits are the only way to get anything close to authentic BBQ flavor.  Certainly any store or location that uses time-honored barbecuing methods is going to brag about that, and it's likely to be a major draw for the customers.&nbs...MORE

Commercial Picnic Tables
Commercial picnic tables are manufactured in a variety of styles and colors.  Design choices range from the traditional A-frame wooden table to square and rectangular models built to accommodate larger numbers of users.  Color choices allow facilities to match their tables to the surrou...MORE

Dog Poop Bags
Our Dog Poop Bags Dissolve In As Little As Two Months! Our Dog Poop Bags Dissolve In As Little As Two Months! As we now know, plastic is not so environmentally friendly. As many as one trillion plastic bags are deposited into our landfills where experts estimate that c...MORE

Fire Rings
What camper doesn't have fond memories of evenings spent around the campfire?  How many songs are sung and stories told around a campfire fire pit ring every year?  That's before we consider the entertainment value of the hot dogs cooked over, or dropped into, the fire, and...MORE

Garden Park Benches
Garden park benches have constantly been an essential part of parks, gardens and wildlife areas, where people sit and unwind. Nearly all garden park benches were made of cement and rock in the past, but improved selections are available today. When somebody has a discussion regarding park...MORE

Heavy Duty Loading Ramps
Heavy duty loading ramps are essential to the safety and process flow of warehouses, factories, and agricultural product depots.  They allow end users to safely maneuver large pieces of heavy equipment into and out of tractor trailer beds.  When purchasing ramps, be sure to look for pro...MORE

Industrial & Commercial Netting
Sports and Commercial Netting There are numerous uses for residential and commercial netting. From safety netting to insect netting to paintball netting, you will find the type of net that is required to get the job done. While you can easily buy multiple nets together, purchasing a single net ...MORE

Industrial Fan Applications
  Commercial & Industrial Fan Applications Visionmasters offers a variety of commercial & industrial fans that are directly applicable to a wide range of uses: Industrial Fan Applications numerous personnel cooling uses warehouse, loading dock & trailer cooling...MORE

Industrial Safety Ladders
What is the difference between a standard ladder and an industrial safety ladders? A standard ladder allows a person to climb to a higher level using gravity and angle of mount to hold the ladder in place.  The problem with this lies in the fact that people can easily misjudge the proper a...MORE

Industrial Scales
  Bench Electronic Scales Crane Scales Dagital Platform Scales Digital Counting Scale Label Printing Electronic Scales Portioning Digital Scales Price Comp...MORE

Industrial Weighing Scales
  Bench Electronic Scales Crane Scales Dagital Platform Scales Digital Counting Scale Label Printing Electronic Scales Portioning Digital Scales Price Comp...MORE

Kids Picnic Tables
 If you're looking to outfit your back yard or are helping to plan the setup of a local playground, you may be interested in adding a kids picnic table or two to your landscape.  Depending on the expected usage, you might decide to get a child size picnic table instead of, or in add...MORE

Material Options
MATERIAL OPTIONS Hot Dip Galvanized Finish:Selected Pilot Rock bench and table frame components, lantern holders, trash receptacle holder components, bike racks and two grills are available with a hot-dip galvanized finish that is applied after fabrication and welding to ASTM A123 specifications to...MORE

Motorcycle Ramps
Motorcycle ramps & accessories are just what you need for transporting your motorcycle.  If you want to take your motorcycle along when you go somewhere, so you can take a ride while you're there, but don't want to ride the motorcycle to get there, you're going to need to fig...MORE

Outdoor Tables
 Outdoor picnic tables can be used for all sorts of things.  Of course they can be used for picnicking, but in addition, they can be used for other activities.  They can be used for craft purposes.  They can even be used for taking a nap, if you're so inclined.&n...MORE

Outdoor Wooden Furniture
Wood Furniture Wood is the most used furniture building material in existence. Wooden Furniture has been around for thousands of years and dates back to the caveman. Wood furniture comes in 3 categories composites, softwoods and hard woods. Outdoor furniture like chairs, tables, swings and beds c...MORE

Park Benches
Who doesn't like a nice stroll or a bird-feeding jaunt in the park?  Whether you're there to take a walk in the woods, or to root on your kids at their little league game, park benches are a welcome addition for a lot of people.  What better way to enjoy the day at a park, or en...MORE

Planter Boxes, Arbors & Trellises
Outdoor Planter Boxes Planter boxes come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes that you can essentially plant anything that you want in them. For instance, maybe you just want to plant some smaller flowers, like perennials, which require a smaller size that has a round shape. Planter boxes ...MORE

Recycled Plastic Outdoor Furniture
Recycled Plastic Ourtdoor Patio & Deck Furniture Vision Masters line of recycled outdoor furniture is made of our plastic lumber which is a high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic derived from post-consumer waste such as plastic products like soda bottles and milk cartons that would o...MORE

Snowmobile Ramps
Our premium snowmobile loading ramps are the most versatile and complete loading ramp available and make loading a snowmobile into a pickup truck or on a trailer a breeze. Integrated graphite ski guides accommodate single, double or even triple carbide skis. FEATURES (on all but economy...MORE

Speed Bumps
Speed bumps can slow down traffic in a parking or other traffic situation.  This can keep drivers from driving too fast and make for a safer situation.  They are designed to be an obstacle to the car, that may cause a jolting if the driver doesn't slow down upon approaching a speed...MORE

Sporting Equipment
Some sporting goods equipment comes in a single size, intended for use by all players, and other sports equipment is custom-sized to the particular athlete. Are you looking for sporting equipment for your school or rec center? Do you know what you're looking for?  A number of sports requ...MORE

Sports Netting
Baseball Batting Cages Basketball Backboards & Nets Driving Range Cages & Nets Football Goal Posts Volleyball Netting Hockey Nets Lacrosse Netting Equipment Soccer Equipment & Netting ...MORE

White Cedar Furniture
White Cedar Furniture  White Cedar Furniture not only produces beautiful outdoor chairs, tables, and benches with its natural finish, but also has a favored fragrance that will fill your rooms. White cedar log furniture can be found for both indoors and outdoors that require minimal mai...MORE

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