Saturday, May 23, 2009

Car Stop And Speed Bumps

Car stops stop cars. They physically keep a vehicle from moving forward, so it can help protect other cars from damage. They can also protect homes and establishments from damage from a car. The car stops are designed in different lengths and for different sized vehicles. There are multiple color options and multiple material options. Some of the car stops and made from plastic and some are made from concrete. The concrete ones are heavier than the 100 percent recycled plastic ones, and are subject to more potential deterioration. The lighter weight of the plastic car stops can be an advantage both in installation and in shipping. Shipping costs can be lower, as well as more shipping options being available due to the lower weight of the plastic car stops, and installation is easier with the lighter car stops, too. You can use car stops at your home, in the garage. Maybe you always drive into the garage and stop the car too far in the garage or not far enough. A car stop could make sure the car is positioned correctly in the garage. It could protect from damage to the garage walls, or from damage to the car from the garage door closing on it.

Speed Bump SB Series
Car Stops CSL Series

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