Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Commercial Outdoor Park Grills & BBQ Pits

Commercial BBQ pits can produce authentic BBQ flavor. Any restaurant or store that uses time-honored barbecuing methods is likely to have a large customer base. Favorite choices for barbecuing include pork ribs and chicken cuts. Be sure to have a favorite marinade and BBQ sauce on hand, in order to fully enjoy your BBQ. Marinading helps tenderize the meat and add flavor, and can be done for a matter of a few hours, or even over a few days. You may see commercial BBQ pits at parks, pools, fairs, or parades. They will likely have something delicious for you to try. After dinner, there are still more barbecuing options for you to try. You can try a dessert on your grill. You can try all sorts of barbecued fruits, including bananas and pineapples. If you're smart, you'll plan on lots of leftovers, so you can continue to enjoy the barbecue with only a single effort at the grill. In order to avoid freezer burn, wrap the meat well before freezing. There are several choices for defrosting: you can skip it altogether and put the frozen meat right in the oven. You could also choose to defrost in the fridge or microwave. Commercial Park Grills & Outdoot BBQ Pit Article

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