Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fire Rings. Outdoor Park Steel & Metal Campfire Fire Ring Pits

Plenty of campers love their campfires. Plenty of stories are told and songs sung around a campfire every year. Don't forget the hot dogs cooked to perfection, and the wonder that is a s'more. Campfire rings can be made from steel plate and molded concrete. Metal ones come in different diameters and different heights, that determines the size of the fires, and the necessary level of fire barrier. Campfire rings help delineate your campfire area.

Fire Rings are designed to contain the fire within the campfire ring, so they can help prevent the spread of fire, too. The non-decorative designs help protect against fire spread the best. Filling campfire rings with aggregate helps to insulate the ground against the fire's heat, possibly preventing root fires. It also helps elevate the ring's cooking surface, which helps with accessibility.

There are anchor systems that are deisgned to be used with some of the campfire rings. Not all anchors can be used with all rings. There are anchor styles that are embedded in concrete, and there are styles that just install straight into the ground. Not all campfire rings need anchors. Some might be able to just be filled with aggregate after bing placed on the ground.


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