Friday, May 22, 2009

Industrial & Commercial Outdoor Furniture For Parks & Playgrounds

Retail establishments often have commercial outdoor furniture outside their doors on a sidewalk or patio area. This commercial-use furniture is hardier than residential-use furniture as it needs to hold up to more wear and tear, and more use and even misuse. Shopping carts may run into them, and people may spill on them or climb on them more often than would happen with residential use. Your commercial outdoor furniture may or may not be secured to the ground outside your establishment. Common materials for outdoor furniture are wood, metal, and precast concrete. Metal tables can have powder coating, and be comfort-coated with a vinyl coating . Different materials need different maintenance. Non-wood options help deter termite infestations. Seats can be chair style or bench style. Bench style seating can have backs or no backs. Tables can be all-in-one or a separate piece of furniture from the seating. Certain outdoor tables are wheelchair accessible, as they have an extension of the table top beyond the bench seating for the table. Sometimes recycled materials are utilized in outdoor furniture. This can help in furniture maintenance, as well as deterring vandals, due to the ease of cleaning and repair. They can even be recycled again, eventually.

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