Thursday, May 28, 2009

Speed Bumps & Speed Humps Can Save LIves

Speed bumps & Speed Humps can slow traffic down in traffic situations like parking lots. They can make for a safer situation and keep drivers from driving too fast. They may cause a jolting to the car if the driver doesnt approach a speed bump at a decreased speed. Speed bumps come in multiple different colors and materials. Some have a solid coloring throughout the speed bump and are maintenance-free. They can be made from 100% recycled plastic. You can pick and choose your sizes to use in a parking area, and can basically create your own custom length speed bumps. Plastic speed bumps can be installed quickly and easily, but can be removed if necessary, for road care or other purposes.Speed bumps can help slow traffic considerably, which can make the situation safer for other vehicles, and for pedestrians in the area.

If pedestrians feel safer about approaching the store, speed bump usage could conceivably even increase customer traffic. They can also help decrease costs to parking lot and parking garage owners, as reduced speed may lead towards decreased damages to the structures. Speed bumps may help achieve traffic safety goals in a parking lot or parking garage, and otherwise result in positive outcomes.

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