Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Why Is Cedar Wood Furniture Better Than Plastic?
Commercial outdoor furniture can be made out of just about any wood or even plastic. So why choose cedar? Firstly, cedar is a unsurprisingly attractive wood for many reasons, as well as being extremely long-lasting and adaptable, which is why it is used to create everything from siding to decks to furniture and even roofing shingles. The natural preservative oils and characteristic smell of cedar also make it naturally impervious to insect attacks, weather damage, and decay resistant.

What Color Does Cedar Furniture Turn With Aging?
Cedar tends to come with a unusual gold, silver or tan color, but will fade to a bleached silver color when out in the open to the elements, and stay that way for the next few decades. Cedar outdoor furniture is easy to clean which keeps the upkeep involved to minimum. Cedar also has a high strength to weight ratio, meaning that while it is very sturdy and flexible, its easy to move around because cedar is so light. Even though cedar is a lightweight wood you will not be sacrificing strength. It is 85% the strength of Oak!

Does Cedar Have Insulating Qualities?
Cedar outdoor furniture in addition has a hard to believe thermal co-efficient. That means that the little tiny "air pockets" between the cells of the wood end up acting as an insulator when cedar wood is dry. If it is hot outside, for example, cedar will remain at a lower temperature than most other materials that conduct heat with more effectiveness. The outcome is a cooler piece of cedar furniture to sit on.

How Does Cedar Handle Moisture & Humidity?
Cedar outdoor furniture naturally tries to match its moisture content to that of the air around it. This is very important because while other harder, denser woods will tend to split or go out of shape from outdoor exposure, outdoor furniture made of cedar tends not to crack or warp. If you live in an area where humidity levels can vary wildly between seasons, cedar is a must for you. Nevertheless, cedar does not swell or contract very much when it is absorbing or evaporating moisture. Also cedar has a very low flame-spreading ratio and is low on smoke output. This means that it doesn't spread fire as fast nor produce as much smoke as some other types of wood.

Is Cedar Weather Resistant?
Finally, cedar is very decay and weather resistant. If you leave cedar furniture outside you have the choice of either staining it every year to maintain its fresh new look, or allowing it to age gracefully into a beautiful silvery gray color. If you choose to leave cedar outside through all of the seasons, every day, every month, every year, we highly recommend treating it to protect the cedar furniture properly and greatly extend its natural life. Outdoor cedar furniture is resistant to decay but is not unyielding to it. No wood is impervious to natural aging. Staining cedar just gives it an extra toughness edge against constant contact with the ground.

Is Quality Cedar Furniture Easy To Find On The Internet?
High-quality cedar outdoor furniture can be hard to find on the internet. Most outdoor cedar furniture manufactures custom build & design all products made with cedar. Most dealers also carry a full line of outdoor patio furniture constructed out western red cedar, redwood or Premium Grade Prime Non-Toxic Arsenic Free Treated Lumber.
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I never knew that cedar have such characteristics! I find it pretty hard to maintain outdoor furniture since it needs care and attention.
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