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Axial Fans, Commercial & Industrial Fans

How Are Axial Fans Rated?
Axial fans are high capacity belt driven propeller fans rated from 8000 to 23000 cfm. The different types of axial fans vary according to where they are placed and how they are mounted. The different types of axial fans include self-supporting fans, wall and panel mounted fans, and duct fans and blowers. Of course each fan has a different task or function and your company will benefit much more when the correct type of fan is utilized to improve whatever problem you are facing.

What Are Some Of the Commercial Application OF Axial Fans?
Axial fans supply a large volume of air at a relatively low static pressure. These fans are design for agricultural, manufacturing and assembly plants, warehouses, parking garages, gymnasium, equipment rooms, and poultry greenhouses, distribution centers and many other application. Axial fans are commercial systems that give air movement in ventilation and air movement applications. Axial fans are also used to stir up the air in cooling applications and to replace old or impure air with fresh air in ventilation applications. Axial fans are used in many drying and cooling applications in almost every industry.

How Many Different Sizes Do Axial Fans Come In?

The difference in the size of axial fans and commercial fans can be immense. Some units are mounted into the framework of an environment along with vibration absorbent brackets that house both the fans themselves and their power supply. The sizes of the units are also largely dependent on the size of the location in which the fans are used. Portable axial fans are also available for use in spaces that require short term circulation or air transfer, such as construction sites or during cleanup of spills or water damage.

Axial fans come in a array of sizes and types for a variety of uses and applications. The size of each axial fans fan depends greatly on the size of the location in which it will be used. Usually when used for high volume, high static pressure applications, axial fans are classified by a numerical designation based on the size and construction of the fan. The Air Movement and Control Association recognize three different classes of commercial axial fans. Basically, the higher the class number, the more expensive and the more effectively the fan will perform. The smaller, portable fans are used mainly for cleanups and in smaller spaces that need a little air circulation temporarily. So be sure to know the size of the facility you plan on using the fan for and research into what class of fan you will need.

What Are Some Of The Different Commercial Applications For Axial Fans?
Some of the industries that utilize axial fans are: Numerous personnel cooling uses, warehouse, loading dock & trailer cooling fans, any confined space venting & cooling, cool & warm air redistribution commercial fans, axial fans air desertification fan, cool, dry & cure products produced, production & electrical equipment cooling, commercial wet floor & carpet drying fans, paint, powder coat drying & curing, emergency fume & smoke evacuation, textile plant lent control fan, gymnasium, parking garages, weld & job shops axial fans, agricultural chemical, medical oil/ gas, automotive, food processing, mining & construction industries, reduce heat levels in factory operations, reduce moisture in bathrooms, greenhouses gyms and spas, reduce smoke & odors in cooking, processing applications & control gaseous fumes.

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