Thursday, July 23, 2009

Commercial Park Equipment & Furniture That Is Also Handicapped Accessible.

Unique Park Furniture & Equipment By Visionmasters!
It's nice to have something you can sit on at the park that isn't just the ground. The ground is fine and useful in a lot of instances, but park furniture is nice, especially for older visitors, when visiting after rainstorms, or when there may be a lot of geese who visit the park.. There are different types available. You can look into picnic tables that are built with attached benches, or picnic tables with movable benches. You can pick a stand-alone bench, without a picnic table, and you can choose if you want the bench to have a back. Some benches have arm rests, and some do not. Some benches are more like chairs, because they are designed with arm rests throughout the bench. Some park furniture includes picnic tables that are handicapped-accessible, so someone in a wheel-chair can wheel right up to the overhanging tabletop part of the top, without having to deal with the bench part. Some manufacturers will do custom work, and let you design just the product you're looking for. You can also purchase trash bins and planters. You can brighten your space by planting colorful flowers in your planters, and can encourage people to clean up after themselves by providing trash receptacles.

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