Thursday, August 13, 2009

Commercial Awnings - Canopies & Sun, Wind, Rain & Shade Structures

Awnings and canopies provide sun, rain, and wind protection for commercial, residential, and recreational environments. This improves the environmental quality of life for human beings by making us less vulnerable to the raw fury of the forces of nature which can pound us in a moment’s notice.

Sun canopies can be used in almost every setting in commercial and residential environments. They offer the advantages of reduced light, less heat absorption, and less heat transfer, which in commercial environments spells lower cooling bills and reduced overhead. Site-specific, custom canopies are the specialty of our expert team who will design your sun protection to fit your particular building, event, or grounds. These awnings are also designed to take a beating from wind and rain as well, so even when the sun is not shining the materials remain in good shape and ready to perform again as soon as the storm passes.

Sun canopies are used extensively for UV Protection in outdoor recreation and park areas. They are also excellent covers for garden centers where plants need sunlight, but not too much sunlight. Other applications include skylight covers; roll up curtains for both indoor and outdoor use, and tension shade structures for clear span protection. Custom shades for home, garden, business, and recreational environments can be ordered and designed through our material handling team.

Both temporary and permanent shade structures are available at a variety of competitive price points that allow business owners, homeowners, and municipalities to cost effectively shield people, animals, plants, and sensitive materials from UV light and heat.

Rain carries with it its own set of hazards to homes, businesses, and recreational facilities. Our rain awnings are custom-designed for specific applications in particular environments using the best engineering techniques and highest quality of materials. Everything from rain awnings, canopies, tension structures, and flood abatement systems are available in both custom commercial and custom residential designs.

Common applications include rain protection for office building and home windows. Special door protection is also available to protect entryways from getting wet and creating slip and fall hazards. Free standing canopies and awnings can be ordered in a multitude of sizes for areas between commercial buildings in office parks. Tensions structures can also be designed provide clear span protection to these commercial areas as well.

Flood control is perhaps the most important aspect of rain protection. In some environments manually operated flood barriers, both permanent and portable, serve the needs of the facility better. Other environments may benefit more from automatic flood gates.

Windscreens range from simple outdoor privacy screens to athletic facility windscreens designed for football, soccer, baseball, and tennis applications. Residential windscreens can also be designed for the front or back yard, and a variety of commercial windscreens are available for public areas on commercial properties.

Hurricane protection for Gulf Coast and Atlantic States clients is perhaps our most important windscreen application. Force 12 Hurricane awnings and canopies are available for office buildings and homes, and special diamond canopies protect home windows are easy to self-install.

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