Thursday, November 19, 2009

Industrial & Commercial Park Benches

Park benches are a nice addition to a lot of playgrounds or parks. They can offer a chance to sit and rest and visit, without having to settle into a seat on the ground. There are multiple options as far as materials and designs, and many options to help customize the benches for your location. You can have a message as an integral part of the bench, or you can get signs or plaques, in order to label the seats. This would be an especially good option in an area where it may deter theft to have the labels on the property, as well as a wonderful option in a memorial garden. Attaching park benches to the ground in some way is another way to help improve their security. This can be done more permanently by mounting park benches into concrete, or more temporarily by chaining the bench to something. You'll want to consider the type of usage your benches will likely get, as that may help determine the park bench you ultimately choose. Some of your material options include wood and metal, which is often powder coated. You need to decide if you want a backless bench or one with a back, as well as whether or not you want arm rests.
Commercial & Industrial Park Benches
Park Benches

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