Thursday, May 28, 2009

Speed Bumps & Speed Humps Can Save LIves

Speed bumps & Speed Humps can slow traffic down in traffic situations like parking lots. They can make for a safer situation and keep drivers from driving too fast. They may cause a jolting to the car if the driver doesnt approach a speed bump at a decreased speed. Speed bumps come in multiple different colors and materials. Some have a solid coloring throughout the speed bump and are maintenance-free. They can be made from 100% recycled plastic. You can pick and choose your sizes to use in a parking area, and can basically create your own custom length speed bumps. Plastic speed bumps can be installed quickly and easily, but can be removed if necessary, for road care or other purposes.Speed bumps can help slow traffic considerably, which can make the situation safer for other vehicles, and for pedestrians in the area.

If pedestrians feel safer about approaching the store, speed bump usage could conceivably even increase customer traffic. They can also help decrease costs to parking lot and parking garage owners, as reduced speed may lead towards decreased damages to the structures. Speed bumps may help achieve traffic safety goals in a parking lot or parking garage, and otherwise result in positive outcomes.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fire Rings. Outdoor Park Steel & Metal Campfire Fire Ring Pits

Plenty of campers love their campfires. Plenty of stories are told and songs sung around a campfire every year. Don't forget the hot dogs cooked to perfection, and the wonder that is a s'more. Campfire rings can be made from steel plate and molded concrete. Metal ones come in different diameters and different heights, that determines the size of the fires, and the necessary level of fire barrier. Campfire rings help delineate your campfire area.

Fire Rings are designed to contain the fire within the campfire ring, so they can help prevent the spread of fire, too. The non-decorative designs help protect against fire spread the best. Filling campfire rings with aggregate helps to insulate the ground against the fire's heat, possibly preventing root fires. It also helps elevate the ring's cooking surface, which helps with accessibility.

There are anchor systems that are deisgned to be used with some of the campfire rings. Not all anchors can be used with all rings. There are anchor styles that are embedded in concrete, and there are styles that just install straight into the ground. Not all campfire rings need anchors. Some might be able to just be filled with aggregate after bing placed on the ground.

Commercial Outdoor Park Grills & BBQ Pits

Commercial BBQ pits can produce authentic BBQ flavor. Any restaurant or store that uses time-honored barbecuing methods is likely to have a large customer base. Favorite choices for barbecuing include pork ribs and chicken cuts. Be sure to have a favorite marinade and BBQ sauce on hand, in order to fully enjoy your BBQ. Marinading helps tenderize the meat and add flavor, and can be done for a matter of a few hours, or even over a few days. You may see commercial BBQ pits at parks, pools, fairs, or parades. They will likely have something delicious for you to try. After dinner, there are still more barbecuing options for you to try. You can try a dessert on your grill. You can try all sorts of barbecued fruits, including bananas and pineapples. If you're smart, you'll plan on lots of leftovers, so you can continue to enjoy the barbecue with only a single effort at the grill. In order to avoid freezer burn, wrap the meat well before freezing. There are several choices for defrosting: you can skip it altogether and put the frozen meat right in the oven. You could also choose to defrost in the fridge or microwave. Commercial Park Grills & Outdoot BBQ Pit Article

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Car Stop And Speed Bumps

Car stops stop cars. They physically keep a vehicle from moving forward, so it can help protect other cars from damage. They can also protect homes and establishments from damage from a car. The car stops are designed in different lengths and for different sized vehicles. There are multiple color options and multiple material options. Some of the car stops and made from plastic and some are made from concrete. The concrete ones are heavier than the 100 percent recycled plastic ones, and are subject to more potential deterioration. The lighter weight of the plastic car stops can be an advantage both in installation and in shipping. Shipping costs can be lower, as well as more shipping options being available due to the lower weight of the plastic car stops, and installation is easier with the lighter car stops, too. You can use car stops at your home, in the garage. Maybe you always drive into the garage and stop the car too far in the garage or not far enough. A car stop could make sure the car is positioned correctly in the garage. It could protect from damage to the garage walls, or from damage to the car from the garage door closing on it.

Speed Bump SB Series
Car Stops CSL Series

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Industrial & Commercial Outdoor Furniture For Parks & Playgrounds

Retail establishments often have commercial outdoor furniture outside their doors on a sidewalk or patio area. This commercial-use furniture is hardier than residential-use furniture as it needs to hold up to more wear and tear, and more use and even misuse. Shopping carts may run into them, and people may spill on them or climb on them more often than would happen with residential use. Your commercial outdoor furniture may or may not be secured to the ground outside your establishment. Common materials for outdoor furniture are wood, metal, and precast concrete. Metal tables can have powder coating, and be comfort-coated with a vinyl coating . Different materials need different maintenance. Non-wood options help deter termite infestations. Seats can be chair style or bench style. Bench style seating can have backs or no backs. Tables can be all-in-one or a separate piece of furniture from the seating. Certain outdoor tables are wheelchair accessible, as they have an extension of the table top beyond the bench seating for the table. Sometimes recycled materials are utilized in outdoor furniture. This can help in furniture maintenance, as well as deterring vandals, due to the ease of cleaning and repair. They can even be recycled again, eventually.

Park GrillsCampfire RingsStreet And Park BenchesRecycling ReceptaclesTrash ReceptaclesBike Parking RacksWheelchair Accessible ProductsRecycled Outdoor FurniturePicnic TablesProducts Features & OptionsCar Stops and Speed Bumps

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Commercial Ladders, Rolling, Fixed, Metal, Step & Roof Ladder

Commercial ladders come in different heights and styles, to suit different purposes. They can be used in warehouses and stores, and can help make the most of the space available for storage of your stock. There are extension ladders and step ladders, and fixed and rolling ladders. Extension ladders can be used when there is not a lot of demand for a ladder, but perhaps not a lot of floor space to leave one out, either. Step ladders can be helpful if you just need to be able to reach a step or two above floor level. Fixed ladders can be fastened down and used like a staircase, in places like factories and warehouses. Rolling ladders can be moved easily to the place where they are needed, so one person may be able to move them alone. There are special safety features designed into some commercial ladders. Their incline may be more gradual than some other ladders, in order to facilitate facing forward while walking down. There can be special treat treatment in order to help protect against falls. Never overload a ladder, and remember that ladder weight limits include both the person and the merchandise together.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Commercial & Residential Bike Parking Racks

There are commercial and residential uses for bike parking racks. These come in different sizes and styles and are made with different materials. Some of them are made with recycled materials. In addition to the styles you can choose from, you could also design your own parking rack, if you wanted or needed to do so. Bike racks may make it more likely for some customers to come to an establishment. If customers feel their bikes are secure while shopping, they may be inclined to shop longer. They could play a part in diminishing auto emissions and encouraging exercise and fighting obesity. There are even locker style and double-level bike parking options. The locker style options can help protect the bikes from the elements. Double-level options use the least space to fit in the most bikes. You can use bike parking racks in your garage, as well. Some styles fold up for storage when not in use, so they can be kept out of the way. These bike parking racks can help organize your garage, and keep the bikes from being a mess. There's likely to be a shape and style of bike rack that suits your needs, and if there isn't, you can design your own.

As you continue to read through our selection of outdoor furniture, keep in mind we stand ready to answer any questions you may have about our offerings including
Cast Aluminum Outdoor Furniture, Picnic Tables, Commercial Trash Cans, Street And Park Benches, Recycled Outdoor Furniture, Pool Slides & Wood Outdoor Furniture. Check out our Commercial Outdoor Furniture Blog. Call us at 832-403-5710 whenever such questions arise and let one of our experts help you make the right choice. Our home office is located in Houston, Texas with warehouses located throughout the United States that enable us to service all 50 states including El Paso, Texas, Dallas TX, San Antonio, TX, Austin, TX New York NY, Los Angeles CA, Miami, FL. Chicago, IL. Denver CO., Boise ID, Atlanta GA, Raleigh-Durham NC, Washington DC, Albuquerque NM, Huntsville AL, Fayetteville AR, Norfolk VA , Madison WI

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