Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Commercial & Residential Planter Boxes
Wouldn't you like to occasionally see a plant or something, anything, green, on your way into work? Do you usually wade through a sea of concrete with little greenery to see on your way into work? Wouldn't it be nice if you could see some beautiful flowers, or some greenery on your commute? Large outdoor planters may be the answer. They come in different materials, in multiple shapes and sizes and designs. There are shallow planters and deep planters, round planters and square planters, just to name a few. There are even large outdoor planters that are designed to function as something else in addition to being a planter. One such planter is a planter and a bench, so you have more seating to offer if you use that particular planter. While in the design stages, you'll need to decide if the planter is just going to function as a point of decoration, or if you expect it to serve a purpose. This may help you decide between planting shorter plants, and planting trees, for example. Does the area where you plan to use these need shade provided by the trees in the large outdoor planters, or are you just trying to brighten up the space?

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Outdoor Tables & Outside Industrial Picnic Tables

You can use outdoor tables for picnicking as well as for crafting. If your picnics and crafts tire you out, you can even take a nap on the table! Outdoor tables can be made of different materials, and can be designed in different ways. You can pick different color options, as well. If you're looking for commercial use outdoor tables, there's a good chance you'll be looking at sturdier, heavier-duty materials tables than you might be if choosing a table for use at home. A table at a park or playground is likely going to see a lot of use. Most likely, at some point, people will climb on it. You're going to have to make sure that you choose a table that suits the requirements at the location. Remember, too, that outdoor tables have the benefit of being able to be hosed off. If you should choose to make use of this option on an inside table, well, you might plan to expect a lot more cleaning after your initial "cleaning." When choosing an outdoor table, you'll need to determine what kind of usage the table will see. You can pick something that best meets your specifications after you consider the requirements for your table.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Commercial Outdoor Park Benches

Outdoor benches can help provide convenient seating for you to be able to utilize while you are outdoors at a park or playground, or perhaps while walking through downtown. Benches can be a nice addition to a playground or park space, so you don't always have to choose to sit on the ground. Outdoor furniture should tend to be hardier than interior furniture, because even if it is used in a commercial setting, it still has to hold up to more than the interior furniture. Outdoor furniture, in addition to being used often, and potentially being climbed on, has to be able to deal with snow and rain, and occasional unpleasantness from birds flying overhead. There are different styles and materials for outdoor benches, and you can choose different colors, as well as having them custom designed. While deciding on your benches, you'll also want to decide on any additional outdoor furniture, such as picnic tables and planters. You can choose to get handicapped accessible picnic tables, as well. While you can get a full coordinating set of outdoor furniture, you could also just get the outdoor benches, if that's all you needed, in order to make sure you had a nice place to rest.

Different Types Of Park Benches
Infinity Commercial Park Benches
Infinity Industrial Park Benches
Innovated Outdoor Park Benches
Innovated Rolled Park Benches
Modern Outside Park Benches
Perforated Style Park Bench
Regal Iron Park Benches
Regal Outside Park Bench
Regal Sitting Park Benches
Rolled Steel Park Benches
Serenity Commercial Park Benches
UltraLeisure Metal Park Benches
Under Construction
Wingline Outdoor Park Benches
Wire Industrial Park Benches

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Commercial Outdoor Picnic Tables For Parks & Playgrounds

In spring and summer time, plenty of people like to take advantage of the nice weather and go on picnics. Sometimes they take along a blanket and spread out their picnic on the ground, but sometimes people prefer to eat on outdoor picnic tables. Outdoor picnic tables offer the benefit of being up off the ground, so your food is that much further away from any little insect pests who might like to bother you. You may well choose a different type of picnic table for home use than would be chosen for use at a playground. At home, you only have to take your own family's needs and interests into consideration. If you were purchasing outdoor picnic tables for a playground, you'd want to make sure that they'd be useful for a lot of people. Finding one that is handicapped-accessible might be high on your list, whether it is accessible because the table top overhangs the seating length, or because the bench has a break in it big enough to accommodate a wheelchair. There are other accessories to choose from, when it comes to selecting tables. There are all-in-one furniture types, as well as separate benches and tables. There are different shape tables, too.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Commercial Park Equipment & Furniture That Is Also Handicapped Accessible.

Unique Park Furniture & Equipment By Visionmasters!
It's nice to have something you can sit on at the park that isn't just the ground. The ground is fine and useful in a lot of instances, but park furniture is nice, especially for older visitors, when visiting after rainstorms, or when there may be a lot of geese who visit the park.. There are different types available. You can look into picnic tables that are built with attached benches, or picnic tables with movable benches. You can pick a stand-alone bench, without a picnic table, and you can choose if you want the bench to have a back. Some benches have arm rests, and some do not. Some benches are more like chairs, because they are designed with arm rests throughout the bench. Some park furniture includes picnic tables that are handicapped-accessible, so someone in a wheel-chair can wheel right up to the overhanging tabletop part of the top, without having to deal with the bench part. Some manufacturers will do custom work, and let you design just the product you're looking for. You can also purchase trash bins and planters. You can brighten your space by planting colorful flowers in your planters, and can encourage people to clean up after themselves by providing trash receptacles.

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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Axial Fans, Commercial & Industrial Fans

How Are Axial Fans Rated?
Axial fans are high capacity belt driven propeller fans rated from 8000 to 23000 cfm. The different types of axial fans vary according to where they are placed and how they are mounted. The different types of axial fans include self-supporting fans, wall and panel mounted fans, and duct fans and blowers. Of course each fan has a different task or function and your company will benefit much more when the correct type of fan is utilized to improve whatever problem you are facing.

What Are Some Of the Commercial Application OF Axial Fans?
Axial fans supply a large volume of air at a relatively low static pressure. These fans are design for agricultural, manufacturing and assembly plants, warehouses, parking garages, gymnasium, equipment rooms, and poultry greenhouses, distribution centers and many other application. Axial fans are commercial systems that give air movement in ventilation and air movement applications. Axial fans are also used to stir up the air in cooling applications and to replace old or impure air with fresh air in ventilation applications. Axial fans are used in many drying and cooling applications in almost every industry.

How Many Different Sizes Do Axial Fans Come In?

The difference in the size of axial fans and commercial fans can be immense. Some units are mounted into the framework of an environment along with vibration absorbent brackets that house both the fans themselves and their power supply. The sizes of the units are also largely dependent on the size of the location in which the fans are used. Portable axial fans are also available for use in spaces that require short term circulation or air transfer, such as construction sites or during cleanup of spills or water damage.

Axial fans come in a array of sizes and types for a variety of uses and applications. The size of each axial fans fan depends greatly on the size of the location in which it will be used. Usually when used for high volume, high static pressure applications, axial fans are classified by a numerical designation based on the size and construction of the fan. The Air Movement and Control Association recognize three different classes of commercial axial fans. Basically, the higher the class number, the more expensive and the more effectively the fan will perform. The smaller, portable fans are used mainly for cleanups and in smaller spaces that need a little air circulation temporarily. So be sure to know the size of the facility you plan on using the fan for and research into what class of fan you will need.

What Are Some Of The Different Commercial Applications For Axial Fans?
Some of the industries that utilize axial fans are: Numerous personnel cooling uses, warehouse, loading dock & trailer cooling fans, any confined space venting & cooling, cool & warm air redistribution commercial fans, axial fans air desertification fan, cool, dry & cure products produced, production & electrical equipment cooling, commercial wet floor & carpet drying fans, paint, powder coat drying & curing, emergency fume & smoke evacuation, textile plant lent control fan, gymnasium, parking garages, weld & job shops axial fans, agricultural chemical, medical oil/ gas, automotive, food processing, mining & construction industries, reduce heat levels in factory operations, reduce moisture in bathrooms, greenhouses gyms and spas, reduce smoke & odors in cooking, processing applications & control gaseous fumes.

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