Monday, March 01, 2010

Portable Canopies Combine To Offer Near Instant Protection From Sunburn

A portable canopy is essentially a tent supported by a steel or aluminum frame and a canopy that stretches overhead to offer protection from heat and ultraviolet light. Optional sides can be added to the structure to give it the equivalent of protective walls.

You can use one to create a portable garage that costs a fraction of the price of a standard garage. Because these structures vary in size, they can protect more than just an automobile. Portable canopies can be erected over trucks, vans, boats, and even RVs to keep them cool and dry.

You can also use them to protect animals if you are running a kennel. They offer much more protection than a dog house, and side walls can be added to create individual units for individual dogs. You can also use portable canopies to build run-ins at horse shelters.

(Unfortunately, we have not found a way to use them with cats yet because cats still own us and continue to defy all forms of human technology aside from the litter box and basic decorative collar.)

In the public sector, portable canopies are great for trade shows because they keep the sun and summer rain off clients. Even brick and mortar businesses will sometimes erect one of these structures to run an outdoor sale or special event.

Residential applications can range from protecting a play area, sheltering a spontaneous family barbecue, hosting an annual family reunion, or putting some shade on the pool when the sun begins to burn the skin just a little too much.

Amusement parks are also using a lot of these structures now when it gets unexpectedly hot and sunny in June, July, and August. In some parts of the country, it may be cloudy but hot all week, then suddenly blistering hot under a cloudless sky. Having a portable popup canopy handy is a great way to protect kids and adults from potentially cancer-causing sunburn.

Keep in mind too that clouds do not block UV light, so any complaints of sunburn on a public playground should be taken seriously and responded to with an appropriate shade structure.

No. They used to be difficult to erect, but over the years the 'pop-up' capability has been integrated into the design. This is the same principle your faithful umbrella uses, and it allows you to raise and lower your portable structure in a fraction of the time required for similar, but more complicated models.

Vinyl canopies do exist, but the most effective material is this new South African material called shade fabric. This is made from a unique chemical compound that is ultraviolet light resistant and also fire retardant. It can also be rendered waterproof, so you can use a portable canopy as a rain shelter as well as a sun shelter.

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