Industrial ladders are very different than those used in residential applications.  Ladder designs are more sophisticated and innately specialized.  A ladder that is used in some type of business is always designed for a specific application of some sort.  It features engineering that allows employees to complete various tasks more efficiently and quickly.  It is also manufactured in strict conformity to OSHA and ANSI safety regulations.

 Vision Masters sells four basic types of industrial ladders and two types of specialized work platforms.  Work platforms are included in our ladder section because they feature a basic design that is loosely derived from that of a ladder that is then combined with advanced platform engineering.

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Each of the four basic types of industriall ladder has a specific industrial function in various workplace environments. 

Tixed LaddersFixed Ladders, so called because they are erected and secured from a fixed, vertical position, are used to transport workers from ground elevation to high elevation points.  These points can be second floors of buildings, rooftops of buildings, or large structures on grain silos.


track laddersTrack Ladders
Track ladders are so called because they move laterally on tracks that keep them fixed at an angle in a vertical position. Track ladders are mostly used for inventory control by enabling workers to move back and forth along a row of shelves or rack where products and/or supplies are stored.

rolling laddersRolling Ladders are normally used in areas that are not necessarily tied to racks or shelving.  Typically as well, they are used to transport workers to elevated positions that are too high for them to reach without assistance, but too close to the floor to justify the use of a track ladder or fixed ladder.


office laddersOffice Ladders are smaller industriall ladders that very similar to rolling ladders.  They are most commonly used by personnel to retrieve items off of high shelves in storage rooms.  Sometimes, too, they are used for certain repair operations by maintenance crews.


lift work platform

Work Platforms. This brings us to the subject of the many specialized work platforms that appear in our online inventory of industrial ladders.  The most commonly asked question we receive about these devices is, “when do I need a work platform instead of a ladder?”


Ultimately, the answer to this question is derived from two factors: the length of time the worker intends to remain elevated is one factor, and the availability of a stable surface at the desired elevation is the other.  If a worker is accessing a shelf or rack, or moving from one floor to another, a industrial ladder is needed.

If a employees needs to work for an extended period of time at a higher elevation that has no stable surface area to support workers and tools, then a work platform will be needed.  A simpler way of describing this difference would be to say that industrial ladders move you from one floor to the next, while work platforms raise the equivalent of the floor to a specific height you desire to reach.

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