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Fan  Mount Options
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Several Fixed and portable mounts are available for VisionMasters fans. All are designed to gain the maximum benefit from the fan based on the application. Below are highlights of each model. All coated surfaces are power coated. All fasteners are plated for weather resistance. Flat steel is 7 gauge. All tubing is 1/8-inch thick steel and either 1.5 or 2 inches square. Most models can be used with either the AM-16, AM-22 & AM-30. (e.g. AM-16GP, AM-22GP, AM30GP etc.)



GP: Fan with goal post/yoke. Gual Post Mount (yoke): May be used on most vertical or horizontal surfaces. (low profile) Also used with all but the ST mounts as part of the assembly.


WM: Mall Mount: Useful where oscillation is desired, where the fan needs to be away from the wall, or other vertlenl mounting surface. Superior versatility over GP. (wall bracket is reversible)


CM: Ceiling Mount: May be attached to a C,I or wood beam. Works with or without an oscillator.


ST: : Low profile portable, vertical angle adjustment, 6" hard rubber tires.


PST: Pedestal Stroller: 36 or 24 inch pole mounted to round disk steel base, hard rubber 6" tires. May be used with an oscillator.


HDPST: Heavy Duty Pesistal Stroller: 36 0r 24 inch pole mounted to "T" frame. 10" pneumatic tires. Superior to PST if moved frequently or if used on dirt, sand or grass.


TB-TXB: Truck Mounts: This is an articulated arm monnt that is primarily, but not exelualvely, used to cool and ventilate freight trailers and rail cars while being loaded or unloaded.Mount in 3 different styles.


See pictures of mounts below

VisionMasters fans are industrial grade made in the USA. We provide fans to countries all over of the world.

Our product lines include high velocity, venturi style, tube-axial fans, and exhaust (panel) fans, Portable Coolers, up blast, down blast and ceiling (HVLS) fans.

Our fans are suitable for a wide variety of applications from moving air in the summer to moving the warm air from the ceiling in winter.


About VisionMasters' Fans

We hope this information will help you make an informed decision when buying your next fans. If you take performance, durability, low maintenance cost and low down time into consideration, you will likely choose our Fans.


VisionMasters fan performance advantages

In most applications, the volume (cfm) of a fan is secondary. The velocity and the distance from the fan that useful air movement can be detected is the primary consideration. Unlike most on the market, our fans project air at high velocity and for a long distance. You will notice that most fan manufacturers do not include velocity or distance of travel in their specifications. Often one VisionMasters can replace several conventional fans for power, maintenance and space conservation. Many fans much larger and more expensive will not give you the performance of VisionMasters fans.


VisionMasters Fans Electrical and Physical Advantages

* Only totally enclosed, permanently lubricate motors are used. This is very important, especially if used in dusty, dirty or high humidity environments. They can be used outdoors also.

* All motors are dual voltage. Three phase and most common voltages are also available.

* The four paddle aluminum blades with steel spiders and hubs are dynamically balanced for smooth trouble free operation. These very rigid blades do not flatten out at high rpm and reduce performance as lesser quality or plastic blades do.

* Our high quality motors are mounted inside the powder coated 16 ga. steel venturi housing with zinc plated 5/16-18X1 bolts, washers and lock nuts.

* 3/8 inch spaced concentric finger guards are standard equipment and meet OSHA requirements. The guards are either vinyl or powder coated and they are attached to the fan with bolts and lock nuts. One competitor charges extra for finger guards made of hardware cloth, (screen wire) and they are attached with sheet metal screws.

* Since Air Max Fans are relatively small they do not require much space.

* Seven portable and fixed mounts and oscillators are available to enhance versatility. Mounts are fabricated from 7 ga. steel then powder coated for durability and appearance just as the fans are.




Prices of this type fan start at about $55.

Click here to see our fan WARRANTY.


Need more than one? Quantity discounts available.


With constant fluctuations in the cost of materials, the price of some products changes frequently. To get our most recent and lowest price please Email us



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Fan  Mount Options
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Fan  Mount Options
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Fan  Mount Options
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Fan  Mount Options
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Fan  Mount Options
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Fan  Mount Options
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