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Visionmasters fixed ladders are the perfect solution for vertical access. Fixed ladders are ladders that are designed to permanently attach to a structure and provide vertical access to walls, decks, shelves, docks, roofs, or work platforms.

Some are basic in design, with hand rails for support and fasteners of various kinds that attach them to building or wall edifices.  Others feature specialized attachment features that allow them to attach to loading docks.  Still others are built with circular rungs and safety cages at the top so workers can do their jobs without the risk of slipping and falling.


Due to the strict OSHA guidelines for this fixed ladder products, consultation with one of the Visionmasters fixed ladder sales staff is highly recommended. Unlike rolling ladders which are designed to be moved around, fixed ladders are meant to be attached to a building or a piece of equipment. 

The most common places where they are used is outside of industrial buildings.  They are frequently used in construction work.  Shipping and receiving operations also use these ladders to move products to and from docking areas.  Many maintenance operations also use them to give rooftop access to workers who need to repair leaks in the ceiling, check ventilation equipment, conduct electrical repairs, or to perform other routine tasks.


SERIES FWC Fixed LaddersRegardless of the specific application for which a fixed ladder is used, there are OSHA regulations that require the use of standoff platforms set at regular intervals.

A standoff platform is a stationary platform that is connected to the ladder at intervals of 30 feet.  This allows workers who are descending the ladder to exit safely onto a firm, steady surface.  Standoff platforms are manufactured with both left entrances and right entrances, depending on environment, location, and application. 


Selecting a fixed ladder type should be based upon the type of industry you work in, the number of workers who will be using it, and, most importantly, the height to which your employees will be climbing. 

SERIES D Dock LaddersIf your employees are working at heights of less than 20 feet, you only need a standard ladder design.  This ladder is a single, one-piece welded unit that looks like any other ladder, only it has fasteners that affix it permanently to the desired surface.  If you need something a little more maneuverable, consider a model with walk-thru handles. 


If you are running shipping and receiving operations, you can get a specialty fixed ladder made just for your docking area.

These ladders feature one-piece welded assemblies and are designed to give safe access to docks and mezzanines. Some are walk-thru models with 42 inch high handrails and 24 inch wide steps.  Another side step model features step rungs with 4 additional hand rungs and 18 inch wide steps.

SERIES C Fixed LaddersDock ladders are very tough.  They are constructed out of 1 ¼ inch tubing and ¾ inch anti-slip corrugated rungs. 


For applications that require getting workers safely to heights between 10 and 30 feet, the safest fixed ladder design is that with a safety cage at the top.

These safety cage ladders are used for hatch-way and side step landing access.  Models with walk-thru hand rails are also available.  When choosing a model, select one where the bottom of the cage is 7 inches to 8 inches above the floor and extends 42 inches above the landing surface.

Fixed Commercial Ladders Provide The Perfect Solution for Vertical Access!
Visionmasters fixed ladders are the perfect solution for vertical access. Applications range from roof access on buildings to complex systems on large structures such as grain silos or bridges. All products in the fixed ladder category  are available in powder coated steel, hot dipped galvanized, or stainless steel. In addition, the modular option is available which breaks down this inherently long ladder product to smaller sections. Each fixed ladder section is less than seven feet in length, making transportation and installation far easier.

Due to the strict OSHA guidelines for this fixed ladder products,
consultation with one of the Visionmasters fixed ladder sales staff is highly recommended. The sales staff specializes in querying the customer for all pertinent data to provide the exact fixed ladder solution for the application. Furthermore, Visionmasters has 12 years of experience in designing custom ladder solutions, with available engineering staff to provide recommendations and drawings for customer approval.


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