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Bench Electronic Scales
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Crane Scales
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Dagital Platform Scales
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Digital Counting Scale
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Label Printing Electronic Scales
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Portioning Digital Scales
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Price Computing Digital Scales
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Scale Weight Indicator
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Shipping Receiving Scales
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Washdown Digital Scales

Commercial scales are used for all sorts of purposes in all sorts of fields.  , chances are commercial scales are being used.  It might surprise you just how many different options there are for specialized scales. 

Commercial scales are often digital, which can make the weights easier to read, since the scales are often designed for ease of use with easy-to-read displays in bright colors.  This is one advantage digital scales have to offer over their non-digital counterparts.  An easy-to-read digital display means you have a clear weight to record, and you don't have the ambiguity and difficulty in determining the correct weight.  Commercial scales, like other commercial and industrial items, tend to be heavier duty than typical household items.  They often need to be much more precise as well, so the scales may be far more precision-tuned than the average kitchen or bathroom scale.  Scales used in labs need to be especially precision-tuned.


Commercial scales are used in fields like scientific laboratories, as well as school labs, and food processing plants.  There are commercial scales designed for just about any option you can think of.  There are scales designed to weigh in small increments, such as grams, and there are commercial scales designed to weigh in very large increments, like tons or hundreds of thousands of pounds. 

Commercial scales come in all sorts of designs.  There are platform scales, and floor scales, counting scales and portioning scales.  Some scales are designed to be driven over and across, like weigh-station scales for trucks on the highway.  Some scales are designed to need to be regularly washed and cleaned, and so are designed in order to withstand regular deep cleaning.  These may be hermetically sealed, in order to be able to be fully washed. Crane scales are commercial scales that are used to weigh things by hanging them from the scales.  These can be used for things like mail bags. 

Different purposes require different scales.  If you need to weigh trucks to make sure they aren't exceeding the weight limit of the highway, you're not going to be looking into a scale that weighs in grams, up to ten pounds.  Likewise, if you're trying to measure the weight of a single bead, a scale that measures weights in the tons isn't likely to be of much use for you.  You need to know what you're looking for and what you need, but as long as you know that, you should be able to find a scale for you.  You often have a choices as to just how precise you need your scale to be, as well.  While it is sometimes necessary to have the highest precision instruments, in some cases a close approximation may be good enough.  Be sure to investigate the precision of the scales you are looking into.


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