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VMSOW-MLL05.5-26: Power driven back saver Lite Lift TableThe number of materials that need to be lifted in the average workplace is beyond enumeration.  Every day, workers must elevate even the most basic of products, items, supplies, and tools to accomplish the simplest of tasks.  Using the appropriate lift table has proven to be one of the best ways to do so without wasted energy, downtime, damage to products, or injury to workers. 


VMSOW-LS2-24: Back saver Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables

While the cost of some of the better tables may seem daunting to companies on tight budgets, the consequences of procrastination can be far more costly in a number of ways than the one time purchase price of a quality tool that will last for years, if not decades, to come.

VMSOW-CLL05.5-26: Back Saver Lite Portable Lift TableThe basic lift table features a simple design.  A scissor mechanism supports a flat, stable surface that workers can raise or lowered to a desired height.  Some of these devices are made specifically for raising smaller items to a height that is comfortable for employees to access.  This makes the device a much safer, far more efficient, upgrade from a basic work table or bench.  Many smaller facilities use work tables and work benches for tasks such as bundling, packaging, specialized cutting, or small engine repair. 

VMSOW-ZLS2-35: Floor Height Lift TableTables and benches offer stable support for these materials, but they do not offer workers an easy way of getting materials and tools onto their surface the way a lift table is able to do.  Workers can find all sorts of creative ways to maneuver supplies onto a work surface, but they can also just as easily hurt themselves, damage inventory in the process, or even in the best case scenario, waste valuable time trying to maneuver awkward materials to an acceptable height.

VMSOW-EZB-500:  Bin Insert Lift TableIf you make it a priority to furnish your facility with the right lift tables most suitable to your production needs, you can count on a number of immediate, quantifiable improvements.  First of all, all the needless time wasted wrestling with smaller supplies can easily be cut in half.  Workers can better sustain a steady pace with the help of ergonomic tools that make work both safer and far less strenuous.  The risk of having to pay out a substantial workman’s comp claim will also be significantly reduced, along with the risk of having to come up with extra dollars to replace damaged inventory.

VMSOW-L10-36:  Cam Lift TableOf course, there are some heavy duty tasks that simply cannot be done without scissor lifts.  Many large vehicles, for example, can only be elevated on a platform supported by scissor supports that can handle thousands of pounds of weight and still remain locked at a stable, unwavering height.  In facilities where lifting loads of this size is a routine occurrence, lift tables are a necessity, not a luxury.  The problem to avoid here is getting the best possible device for your particular task, which may not be easy even if you are a larger outfit that still has to be mindful of procurement costs. 

That’s where Easy Rack can help you find the very best model for your particular facility, production needs, and safety requirements.   Our representatives are committed to helping both small and large companies reduce overhead and improve profits in tangible ways that produce a reasonable, quantifiable return on investment.


As you continue to read through our selection of outdoor furniture, keep in mind we stand ready to answer any questions you may have about our offerings. . Call us at 727-561-7349 whenever such questions arise and let one of our experts help you make the right choice. 

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