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Search engines and directories are the primary tool used by Internet users to find web sites.  Forrester Research estimates 81% of browsers use search engines to find web sites on the Internet.

It is imperative for a web site to be listed near the top of search engines for their keywords and phrases. ZD Net reports that "the majority of people (around 60-65%) will select their information out of the top 10 matches on any given search engine. Another 20-25% will click on a site ranking between positions 11 through 20. The bulk of the remaining traffic flows to sites in positions 21 through 30 with sites after position 30 sharing the last 3-4% of the remaining traffic." Strategic and high search engine and directory placement serves as a major source of traffic to a web site. 

There are three primary reasons web sites fail in attracting significant traffic through search engines and directories. 

  1. Most web sites fail in the search engines and directories because of serious web site design flaws. (i.e. load time violations, software incompatibility, keyword spamming violations, layout errors, coding flaws, etc.) The VisionMasters team designs quality, fully functional web sites that do not sabotage the Internet marketing efforts and provide the web sites a distinct competitive advantage in the search engines and directories.
  2. Other web sites fail because of improper or incomplete search engine submission. Many web designers and Internet marketing firms use automatic search engine submission software to register a web site with the search engines and directories. The problem with the use of search engine submission software is that it does not verify the successful acceptance of a web site by the search engines. Many are not accepted. 
  3. Directories are often ignored and web sites are not registered. DMOZ, the open directory, feeds 111 different search engines, including Yahoo and AOL. It is astounding that so many search engine submission services ignore the directories.

Web sites' search engine rankings, positioning and ultimate indexing by the search engines and directories can vary widely because of constant changes in the indexing methods used by the search engines, changes in the competitive environment and errors made in the search engine databases. For a web site to maintain its search engine ranking placement, it must have a search engine and directory specialist monitor it on a regular basis, stay abreast of the changing technology and competitive landscape and ensure their web site remains competitive. 

The services and expertise that is required to keep a web site ranked and properly placed in the search engines is not easy to obtain. Consequently, an average of only 13% of web sites are indexed by any one search engine. VisionMasters offers the services and expertise required by web sites to maximize their search engine and directory placement and generate significant traffic to the web sites.

Learn more about VisionMasters' Search Engine Optimization Services by clicking here.

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