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Web Site Content & Copywriting.

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As part of its full-service Internet marketing solution, VisionMasters Web Site Design offers search engine optimization of Web page content. The goal of search engine optimization for online copywriting is to provide relevant information aimed at your target audience. It is the Web page content that drives traffic to your Web site.

Writing Web site content is unlike writing for any other medium. There is an obvious difference between writing words to be read in a 25-page new car brochure and writing words to be spoken for a 30-second television ad. Writing Web site content adds new requirements into the mix, such as selecting relevant key phrases and creating pleasant syntax rhythm while constructing persuasive sentences. 

Web site content must be packed with information. Internet users visit web sites based on their perceived value of the information they expect your site to contain. Web site content must be accurate, well-organized and have a logical flow. Online copywriting that contains grammatical errors or misspellings can ruin a companyís credibility and lose customers forever.

Online content must include search engine optimization. Web site content must be search engine friendly. Online copywriting must adopt search engine optimization techniques that structure Web site content to take advantage of search engine algorithms. Search engine optimization techniques incorporate popular search engine key phrases into Web site content.

Web site content must be easy to read. On the Internet, speed counts. Online writing requires clear and concise copywriting. Internet research indicates that your Web site content has less than 10 seconds to make a good impression or your prospect is lost. Formatting that helps users scan for relevant Web site content increases the likelihood of turning a prospect into a loyal customer.

Web site content must focus on selling. If your Web page content contains excellent information, is structured for search engine optimization and has concise ideas presented clearly, but lacks a marketing punch, it may never be a profitable Web site. Online copywriting must emphasize product features and service benefits. Most of all, Web site writing must be from the customersí perspective. Web site content should always . . . always . . . ask customers to make a purchase.

Why Hire a Professional Web Site Content Copywriter?

  • Online copywriting is a special subset of writing that combines writing skill with the ability to use search engine optimization parameters.

  • Technical aptitude for building Web sites and the ability to write Web site content rarely occur in the same person.

  • Professional Web site content copywriters bring a fresh approach. Online copywriters look at your business from a prospect or customerís point of view.

  • A search engine optimization copywriter concentrates on selling your products and services.

  • An experienced Web page content writer adds credibility and a look of professionalism to your Web site. 

  • A search engine optimization copywriter enhances traffic which generates sales which increases revenues.

Professional Web site content copywriting services are part of the VisionMasters Difference.


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