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Steel Structure/Shelter Colors & Options

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Steel Structure/Shelter Colors & Options
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-Optional Metal Finishes-

Hot-dipped galvanizing, E-coat primer, and Powder Coat finish are all available at an added cost. We can quote pricing.

-E-Coat Primer-

E-Coat Primer is the result of a process called Electrodeposition coating which uses electricity to deposit a smooth, thin, uniform layer of plastic coating on the surface of a metal part.

Before metal parts receive the E-Coat formula they go through an eight stage state-of-the-art pretreatment process. Each metal part is first cleaned with a powerful combination of spray and dip alkaline cleaners in order to remove dirt, oils, and other contaminants, which can interfere with the development of good paint adhesion or could cause surface defects. Immediately following the cleaning stages, the parts receive a fresh water rinse and an activator salt immersion to improve the next step, phosphate coating. Parts are cleaned and rinsed again, then immersed in a zinc phosphate tank. Zinc phosphate converts the metal substrate to a crystalline surface, creating a good surface for paint bonding and improving corrosion resistance. The part is again rinsed to remove any excess phosphate then immersed in a non-chrome sealer to reduce porosity and prevent flash rusting. The parts are once again rinsed with deionized or reverse osmosis water prior to epoxy coating. After the part has been cleaned and zinc phosphated, it is immersed in liquid epoxy and coated to a smooth and uniform 0.7 - 0.9 mils.

Since the coating is applied as a liquid, the epoxy travels into crevices and trouble spaces to assure that outside moisture cannot invade the coated area and cause rust. The end result of this aggressive pretreatment and E-Coat application is a part that is thoroughly cleaned and fully encapsulated in plastic. The epoxy-coated part is then cured in an oven at approximately 400 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 20 minutes. E-Coat Primer can be expected to withstand 1000 hours or more in a salt spray chamber. These 1000 hours are thought to be approximately equivalent to 10 years of performance.

-Powder Coating-

Powder Coating is an additional charge option for steel components on steel frame shelters. Choose powder coat color(s) by referencing an RAL number listed on an RAL color chart. For an RAL color chart, please contact the factory.

The powder coating process is a complete corrosion protective process. All steel components are cleaned, pretreated, sealed and preheated to assure proper powder thickness and adhesion through a 5 stage, dual zone curing process. The polyester powder is electrostatically applied and oven cured at 375 degrees to a mil thickness of 3.0 - 6.0.

-Wood Finishes-

Walnut Brown Oil Stain is our own basic oil-base stain that gives wood a deep, rich tone. It is used mostly on Pine, but is available as a finish on other woods.

Sher-Wood Homoclad Sealer is a moisture-resistant sealer which protects against rot and discoloration. It penetrates deep into wood pores, increasing dimensional stability. This sealer is used on Southern Yellow Pine, Redwood and Oak.

-Optional Wood Finishes

Nelsonite is a wood stabilizer that guards against swelling, shrinking and warping. It repels water, and acts as a preservative. Nelsonite is used on braces and components of truss-type shelters.

Polyurethane is a high gloss, clear finish, which highlights wood to a furniture finish. Polyurethane is to be used for indoor furnishings only. Sikkens is a super translucent finish based on special oil-alkyd resin combination and select ultraviolet absorbing pigments. It gives a long-lasting “furniture "look" finish.

-Treated Lumber Options-

ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary) Pressure Treated Southern Yellow Pine provides protection from a broad spectrum of fungi and termites, preventing rot and decay. Treated Southern Yellow Pine with a stabilizer such as a homoclad sealer.

-Available Woods-

Pine. This wood is strong and sturdy. Both treated and untreated Pine are used in most shelters. Pine is also an economical alternative for benches, tables and litter receptacles. It stains and finishes well. Note: when pressure treated woods are used, allow for some checking and cracking. This will not affect the strength or integrity of the wood, and will not merit replacement lumber.

Redwood. Redwood is naturally resistant to decay, and it weathers nicely. Clear, all-heart Redwood is beautiful and stylish, keeping a consistent color throughout. Construction heart Redwood is used where thicker Redwood is desired. It has the same characteristics as clear all-heart, but allows for small, tight knots and variations in color.

Western Red Cedar. This species has a reddish tint, and is used in shelters for roof decking and fascia. It is very durable, and is naturally resistant to decay, infestation and checking.

Mahogany. A beautiful dark reddish-brown hardwood which has a natural luster. A durable wood with rich tones, it is a natural for outdoor use in benches, tables and litter receptacles.

Oak. Only number 1 grade Oak is used. Noted for its strength and rich grain, Oak is ideal for indoor benches and site furnishings. Oak is not recommended for outdoor use. Any Oak furnishings used outdoors will not be covered under warranty.

Ipe. May also be known as Pau Lope. This wood is 3 times harder than Oak, making it an excellent choice for outdoor uses, and where vandal resistance is needed. It is olive brown in color, but allow for some variations in tone. It weathers to a beautiful gray.

Douglas Fir. Clear vertical grain, where a rich, off-white wood is required with similar characterisitics to Pine. It can be used as roof decking in shelters, or substituted for Pine in benches, tables and litter receptacles.

Purpleheart. This hardwood is similar in characteristics to Ipe. It is a vivid purple, and weathers to a natural silver-gray. This wood is difficult to carve, and extremely fire resistant.

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Steel Structure/Shelter Colors & Options
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Steel Structure/Shelter Colors & Options
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Steel Structure/Shelter Colors & Options
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Steel Structure/Shelter Colors & Options
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